What can I offer?

  • Training on Diversity Management  & Intercultural Communication 
  • Intercultural Skills Development Workshops 
  • Conferences, talks and round tables

What is my background?

Work Experience

Thirteen years working in multicultural and intercultural environments and with people and organisations from very different cultural backgrounds (more than seven years as Managing Director of the European Anti-Poverty Network in Spain; Two years in Dublin, coordinating a Program for Young Travellers (ethnic minority similar to the Spanish Gypsy Community); More than six years collaborating with several Women's Empowerment Programs in several countries such as Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom, Guatemala, Bolivia, Nepal or India; Participation in congresses and in intercultural projects in countries such as Germany, China or the Philippines, and currently living in London where, among other activities, I am coordinating a project to empower refugee women from African and Asian countries, and facilitating workshops for personal empowerment for Latin American young people and women, all of that within the framework of intercultural work teams).

Relevant Education

  • Master`s Degree on Immigration & Interculturality (UCLM University)
  • Master`s Degree on Social & Cultural Anthropology (Complutense University)
  • Intercultural Communication Certificate (Shanghai University)
  • Intercultural Mediation Specialist (UCLM University, Spain)
  • Trainer the trainers on Cultural Diversity & Interculturality (Irish Institute of Training and Development). 


Here you can find more information about my Education or my Work Experience