What can I offer?

  • Advice and training for Gender Equality Programs designing, implementation and evaluation. 
  • Training on Gender Equality for management bodies 
  • Training the trainers on Gender Equality.
  • Workshops on Gender Equality for statutory bodies, social organisations, companies and educational centres 
  • Participation in round tables, conferences and lectures.

What is my background?

Work Experience

More than six years participating at the Spanish feminist movement which promotes equality of opportunity between men and women in all fields, and collaborating with Women`s Support & Empowerment Programs in different countries such as Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom, Nepal, India, Guatemala or Bolivia. Since June 2014, and for two years in parallel to my former work as Managing Director of the European Anti-Poverty Network in Spain, I have been working as a researcher, consultant and learning facilitator on Gender Equality, Diversity Management and Social Inclusion. For four years (2012-2016), I have been participating at the Spanish Ministry of Social Affairs & Equality`s Gender Equality Working Group, and at present, in London, added to my job as a consultant and a learning facilitator, I  am coordinating a program to support the empowerment of refugee women from various African and Asian countries (at CARAS-Community Action for Refugee and Asylum Seekers), participating at the Integr8 UK Working Group, and collaborating with other organisations which work for Gender Equality (such as the Asociación Con la A, of which I am a member of the Consultative Council of Spain).

Relevant Education

  • Social Education Bachelor`s Degree (UNED University)
  • Master´s Degree on Social & Cultural Anthropology (Complutense University)
  • Anthropology of  Gender Specialist (Euroinnova School); 
  • Gender Equality Trainer (Nebrija University) 
  • Programs Development from a Gender Equality Perspective                     (Spanish Institute for Women and Equal Opportunities) 
  • Elaboration &  Implementation of Equality Action Plans                           Practitioner (Spain,European Institute for Business Studies) 
  • Women in Social Services (Spanish Institute for  Women and Equal Opportunities)  
  • Feminism without borders: Decolonising Feminism (different courses on several feminism's such as Islamic Feminism, Gypsy Feminism, Black     Feminism or Chinese Feminism among others)- (AEGI Training       for Gender Equality, 2015-2016
  • Women in Religions - (Department of Theology and Religious         Sciences of the Carlos III University) 

Here you can find more information about my Education or my Work Experience